Other offers : Bratislava and Slovakia tours, tips and information

We are able to prepare a guided tour to suit your very special needs. We attend to every detail to meet your expectations. We are pleased to double or triple check so that everything goes the way it should. As we are a group of qualified guides cooperating on a partner base we can offer not only guided tours for individuals and groups of every size but also for conventions with several hundreds participants.

Good to know:

Bratislava's Old Town is very compact. All major sights can be comfortably reached on foot within minutes. Besides, most of the area of the historic centre is traffic-free and flat. In any case we adapt the itinerary to suit your special needs.

With most guided tours we are able to bypass all staircases or steps. Wheel chair participants, families with small children and pushchairs - you will all find a warm welcome in Bratislava.

We are also pleased to prepare child-oriented programmes. On the other hand we can also make the guided tour fit the history, geography and other lessons of primary or secondary school, college or university. This can be a welcome complement to these lessons in the real town with its history and present.

We also offer Slovakia tours. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

College and University students, primary and secondary school groups = 10 % discount upon showing Students Identification Card or when accompanied by their teachers.

After the first guided tour you will automatically get a 5% discount on any of our tours.

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