Bratislava Tailored Tour

There are more than 20 tailor-made Bratislava tours (full list on demand). Do not hesitate to tell us what you are interested in (e.g. history, music, politics of the 20th century, railway construction, legends on the Danube river, banking system now and before or whatever you would like to see and hear in our town.). We will send you a proposal of a tailored tour which suits you best.

Here you will find a brief selection of the most requested ones:

The coronation route

Bratislava was lucky to be the coronation town for almost three centuries. Discover why eleven Hungarian kings and eight queens were crowned in what is now the Slovak capital. Admire the coronation church - the gothic St. Martin's Cathedral. Stroll along the coronation route. Learn the most peculiar details about the coronation. Listen to stories about everyday life in those times. Look straight into the eyes of the first Emperor crowned here to become the Hungarian king. Pass by St. Elisabeth, the most beloved princess of Central Europe. See the fountains which glowed with wine during the coronations.

Duration: 2 hr shorter itinerary or 3 hr the longer one including the castle area.

Wheel chair participants welcome ( plus 20 minutes as we need to bypass the castle steps)!

Especially suitable for families with children discovering the life of princes and princesses of past times through visible artefacts and games.

Martin's Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace

Go round two masterpieces of Bratislava's architecture. Discover the late gothic jewel from outside and in. Then from top to bottom. Admire the biggest lead statue of St. Martin in the world. Learn about the life of the masons and architects of the cathedral but also the most attracting details from the lives of its archbishops. Discover why most of Bratislava's inhabitants get married in church even if 1/4 declare they are unbelievers. Carry on to the second jewel of religious architecture - the archbishop'spalace. Have a look at the facade of this most admired palace built by the mightiest archbishop. Learn why these archbishops were among the most powerful noblemen. Listen to the unexpected particulars of their lives. Find out what role the churches play in Slovakia now. See why it was dangerous or advantageous to be a believer of some churches during the communist and Nazi regimes.

Duration: 3 hr

Bratislava - where wine meets the Danube river

Discover the centre of the largest wine producing region in Slovakia - Bratislava. learn why everything was connected with wine here once. See how wine could be a substitute for money centuries ago. Calculate how many litres of wine you could have bought a fine house in mediaeval Bratislava for. Understand why wine was the major export product ot the city (as are nowadays Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi o Porsche). Wonder what the life of ordinary wine grower was like in the last centuries. Marvel at the wealth of the most successful wine merchant, who supplied his wines to such dignitaries as the Spanish King, the Mexican Emperor, the Austrian Emperor etc. in the 19th century. Enjoy the Danube quayside and realize how this river helped to develop commerce and culture in Bratislava over thousands of years. Listen to the most fascinating stories about the river and see their settings. Come close to the former Danube ford with most ancient building in the city (supposedly a Roman watch tower guarding the ford). The Celts and the Romans were among the its first owners approximately 2000 years ago.

Duration: 2 hr shorter itinerary or 3 hr the longer one including the castle area.

Suggestion 1: After the guided walk, choose one of many Danube boat trips and experience the Danube in one of its most picturesque parts as, in Bratislava, it spectacularly breaks through the Carpathian mountain range.

Suggestion 2: In the evening, sit down on a pavement terrrace of a Bratislava restaurant and taste the local delicious cuisine accompanied by the best Slovak wines.

Jewish Bratislava - from the boom of the "Second Jerusalem" to the death camps and new beginnings

Discover the life of the Jewish community in the former Jewish quarter and around some preserved Jewish monuments. Became a student at the Jewish university of the 19th century for some moments and get to know your teacher, rabbi Chatam Sofer, the last globally acknowledged rabbi (Google his name and see more than 20 000 links within 0,5 sec. Find out why many principal rabbis of N.Y., London, Paris or the Commonwealth in the 19th century came from his school in Bratislava. Spend a minute as a Jewish merchant or artisan and compare your living conditions with those of your Christian competitors 150 years ago. Be a part of the flourishing Jewish community in Bratislava between the 1st and 2nd World War.This time Czechoslovakia even recognised the Jewish nationality - the only state in the world to do so then. Try to escape the Nazi regime during the 2nd World War and conceal yourself some hiding places which have been preserved till today. Most of Bratislava Jews were mercilessly killed in the death camps. Become a Jew druing the communist regime and wonder at the manifold methods of oppression. And finally, see new beginnings after the collapse of the communist regime and the situation today.

Duration: 2 hr shorter itinerary or 3 hr if you would like to enter the underground Chatam Sofer Mausoleum.

Courage, activity and persistence in Bratislava

Learn how not only to survive dark times but also to shape history for a better future. This is a very special guided tour showing you people aiming not merely to survive or to adapt passively to hard times, but on the contrary, to shape the events of wars, epidemics, oppression and totalitarian regimes in favour of better times. Become a settler in 13th century Bratislava and transform the plundered and ruined small settlement at the Danube ford into an impregnable free royal town with granted rights and privileges. Foreign invasions and wars can not stop you.

Experience the living conditions of a burgher in the last big Christian city close to the war frontier and beseiged by the army of the Ottoman Sultan. Help thousands of refugees from occupied territories to live in safety and find a new home.

Listen to the explosions of canon balls in the 19th century cetting half the city on fire, and the walk towards the enemy artillery and stop the shooting in the most unexpected way. Be a foreign priest interestedn in politics in the neighbouring countries and decide not only to help from your safe home but also to go to the foreign city and help all those who after oppression had neither the will nor the opportunity to help themselves.

Be a part of many more real life time stories of the last centuries and see the houses and places where it all happened. You will not miss the events of the 1st World War, Nazi era, communist rules nor the brief period of crude nationalism in Slovakia 1994-1998.

Duration: 3 hr

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