Small Carpathian's Best Wine and Castle Tour

Visit to an ideal fortress

Drive through the vineyards fo the largest wine producing region in Slovakia. After the picturesque vineyard scenery and unbelievable stories and facts connected to wine growing, explore an impregnable castle. A contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, German painter Albrecht Dürer, designed it. See the amazing wealth of the noble owners indoors and outdoors. Admire a vast collection of European and Asian furniture and weapons as well as beautiful perfect Renaissance architecture of the castle. The stroll up and down in what probably are the biggest underground castle cellars in Central Europe. Some Hollywood films were also shot here.

Wine sampling

After that, visit another treasure. Here, in a former moated castle, taste some of hundred best Slovak wines in one place. Some of them are still being supplied to the British Royal Court.

Delicious wine growers' cuisine

Do not miss the typical wine growers' cuisine. Stop in one of dozens of famous restaurants and enjoy unforgettable specialities.

Hand-made ceramics

Several centuries ago Swiss settlers prosecuted for their religious beliefs brought their unique know-how of ceramic production here. They soon started supplying noble houses and even the Emperors in Vienna. Come and see how the ceramics are still being produced in the same way nowadays. Admire the skills of the workers and the try it yourself if you please. At the end, buy some of the original products at the best price straight from the manufactory.

Duration: 5-8 hrs. The larger the group the longer the duration.

The duration and the itinerary can be adapted to your needs.

Some places can not be reached with wheelchairs during this excursion. E.g. castle underground cellars.

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